A Day In The Life Using Sports HAI

A Day In The Life Using Sports HAI

Easy, comfortable, buildable makeup that is longwearing, sweatproof and weather resistant. Sports HAI is designed for people on the go and the products are long lasting, keeping up with your active lifestyle. We’ve broken down a typical ‘day in the life’ using Sports HAI.

06:30Morning workout

Wakeup shakeup, pull on your gym gear. Want to give your skin the best? We highly recommend liberally applying the lightweight, tinted Active Skinwear PROTECT with SPF 50 to your face, neck and hands. With the addition of Sports HAI’s Active Skinwear LIP complex will protect your lips from the super fresh Autumn weather, and you’re ready to smash your outdoor morning workout!


Hair wash day? Sports HAI Hair Cleanser will deep clean your hair, leaving it nourished and conditioned. We understand mornings can be hectic, so a rough blow dry, allowing the rest of your hair to dry into your natural waves, giving it a break from heat and stylers is a winner.

08:00 – Morning routine

Regardless of whether you spend the rest of the day inside or out, we always recommend that you re-apply SPF to protect your skin from sun damage and fight the signs of ageing. 

For a natural, effortless but ‘put together’ look, our go-to weekday routine at Sports HAI is using a small amount of Miracle Balm on your fingertip to tame and set your brows. Take a kabuki brush with a sweep of bronzer across your cheek bones, temples and forehead immediately you’ll look like you’ve had a full 8 hours of sleep, and then some! You can quickly define your eyes by lining your upper lashes with velvety eyeliner and smudge it out with your finger to soften it up.

Boost the moisture back into your lips whilst giving them a killer, glass-like shine by applying our healing and restorative nourishing lip complex. A real lip conditioner. 

A light coat of waterproof mascara finishes the look and you’re ready to head out the door. 


You take some mattifying moisturiser balm and sweep it across your T Zone to keep oil at bay. You can also create the perfect blushed lip using your favourite shade of lip stain.


Sports HAI products are comfortable to wear all day and are perfect for building up drama for an evening makeup look.

Applying a creamy shadow to your lids, smoke it out with an eyeshadow brush. Unlike many waterproof mascaras, the Sports HAI mascara is buildable and allows you to add easy drama and volume. You can sweep an extra layer of the bronzer to your cheekbones to define and sculpt. Paired with a darker, red lip with a high shine gloss finish, you’re ready to jump in the taxi.

23:00Take the day off 

You get back home and head straight for the bathroom cabinet. A light wipe of bi-phase makeup remover on a cotton pad across both eyes and your usual skincare routine to cleanse and moisturise your face, and you’re ready to hit the silk pillow!

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