Introducing Sports HAI Active Skinwear

Introducing Sports HAI Active Skinwear

Elle magazine’s Beauty Editor recently said: “Don’t spend your money on skincare, spend it on SPF, 80% of ageing is caused by the sun”.

Here at Sports HAI, we want to bring to you high impact, great quality and low-maintenance products that perform and protect. The fact is, you need to wear sunscreen whilst running, cycling or doing anything outdoors. UVA and UVB rays are omnipresent and penetrate through even the thickest of clouds on bleak and dreary days so are not just something to pay attention to during the sunny summer months. You are exposing your skin to sun damage every time you step outside and pound the pavement. A short 10 – 20 mins run a couple of times a week soon adds up over time and could quickly become the cause of significant sun damage and subsequent signs of ageing. The guidelines for SPF are straightforward and simple; 1) Use it and 2) all year round. Does a higher SPF mean better protection? Yes it does! Run safe. Run protected.

Introducing Sports HAI Active Skinwear PROTECT

A daily tinted broad-spectrum sun protection with SPF 50

Sports HAI’s unique sun protection formula is sweat resistant and flattering to wear. Gone are the days of slapping on thick, chalky SPF that sits on top of your skin. Sports HAI Active Skinwear PROTECT offers the highest level of protection for the face (and hands too!) that is ultra-lightweight, non-sticky and comfortable on the skin. A sheer skin safety system that not only shields the skin from sun damage but also nourishes your face and hands with a potent blend of antioxidants. With a natural tint suitable for all skin types and all skin colours, you can be confident in your skin, looking great with a healthy glow whilst doing what you love the most.

Delivered in airless pump technology to preserve the product from oxidisation whilst being portable, lightweight and travel-friendly, this Vegan product will fit perfectly into a busy, ethical, modern lifestyle.

Shop Sports HAI Active Skinwear PROTECT – £45.00

Don’t forget to protect your lips from the elements too.

Introducing Sports HAI Active Skinwear LIP

A nourishing, hydrating and high-shine lip complex 

A healing, restorative lip complex with sources of Vitamins B and E, leaves lips re-nourished, soft and supple. Delivering both comfort and high shine with a glass-like finish, paired with our tinted Active Skinwear PROTECT SPF, you can celebrate your bare beauty whilst running, cycling and swimming with the elements. Sports HAI’s hydrating lip complex is non-sticky and lightweight on the lips, promoting hydration and preventing transepidermal water loss (TEWL). Glide onto the lips with the super soft doe foot applicator before, during or after athletic activity as needed.

Shop Sports HAI Active Skinwear LIP – £26.50

Our new Sports HAI Active Skinwear range complements our existing makeup products perfectly. Want build on your sports makeup look whilst still protecting yourself from the elements? Our SPF sits seamlessly under the Mattifying Moisturiser & Miracle Balm stick and our staple Glow & Go bronzer. Build your look to the desired drama with our Deep Dive Technical Sports Mascara, paired with our Performance Duo Eye Shadow & Liner. Our Sports HAI Active Skinwear LIP is the perfect nourishing conditioner which can also be used as primer or topcoat with our 2in1 Lip Transformer.

Look great, stay protected and push your limits.

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