Introducing Sports HAI’s new look

Introducing Sports HAI’s new look

Meet our new lineup

Since leaving the starting blocks in 2016, Sports HAI’s classic and practical packaging has been a prototype livery, looking chic in makeup and kit bags alike and printed proudly on the glossy pages of national publications. The makeup formulations have been put through the ultimate endurance test, with products making their way out to the fields, courts, pitches, pools and training gyms of some seriously tough athletes and with that, we have learnt even more about our customer; who they are, how they think, the demands of their busy lifestyles and the performance they need from the makeup they wear.

Learning more about the diverse individuals who wear Sports HAI, it became apparent that our packaging and brand needed to mirror the bold and daring individuality of our customer, our teammates.

Our brand team

Jon Easton of Hudson Wright Easton, luxury London based marketing and branding agency worked closely with our Founder, Grace de Alvaro to bring the brand image and message to life. Hudson Wright Easton work with aspirational brands and specialise in intelligent luxury marketing, making them the perfect branding partner. They are the leading luxury marketing and branding agency in the fashion, jewellery, beauty and lifestyle space and it has been an absolute pleasure to work closely with the genius team and to totally nail the Sports HAI rebrand.

The products 

Housing the same, high quality, tried-and-tested products, we have replaced the classic black gloss packaging with an energetic pop of sporty to reflect our powerful, diverse and unafraid customer. Flashes of our striking new colour palette (more on that below) are now married with both reflective and matte silver metallic packaging.

Letting the new packaging and brand colours take centre stage, we’ve re-designed the Sports HAI logo to a compact, geometric icon, shifting the emphasis to the word ‘HAI’, after all at the heart of our brand is that sports HAI, and thus reducing the amount of text on the products themselves. Our new logo features in black on all products.

Our new logo variations

See The Meaning of HAI blog for the story behind the brand here.

Brand colours 

In keeping with the brand messaging and meaning of HAI, we introduce our new colour palette. A vibrant red, commanding attention and striking passion. Our true blue denotes independence and is a nod to Sports HAI’s unrivalled waterproofing properties whilst displaying professionalism and sophistication. Yellow catches attention, promotes positivity, resilience and speed. Our scorching orange sparks fire in your belly and is used to celebrate extroversion. And finally, our nod to outstanding quality and simplistic elegance, we chose a midnight black for brand accents.

Brand messaging

Summarising ‘who is our customer?’ is easy and our brand messaging remains the same as it always has done. When summarising into words, we think the list below totally nails it and our new brand assets, logo, colour palette and packaging tell the brand story perfectly. We hope you agree!

  • Unstoppable
  • Holistic
  • Sharp
  • Urban
  • Functional
  • Active
  • Innovative
  • Uncompromising
  • Energetic

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