Sports HAI: gender neutral sports makeup

Sports HAI: gender neutral sports makeup

With the likes of Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs launching their own male cosmetics ranges and online retail giant ASOS recently coming forward with a line of unisex beauty products, the gender neutral approach to beauty is being thrust into the mainstream. 

Sports HAI was created with athletes, for athletes and without gender influence. Whilst female founder, Grace De Alvaro herself has always been a makeup lover, the rigorous ‘athlete approved’ testing and development of all Sports HAI products has happened on the pitches, fields, tracks and pools of both sportsmen and women alike. 

A firm unisex favourite of the Sports HAI range is the Mattifying Moisturiser & Miracle Balm. Dean Dodge, Super Featherweight Professional Boxer, is pictured with the multi use, dual-ended stick that not only provides soothing moisturising relief but also mattifies the face, keeping shine and excess sebum at bay. This product is ideal for contact and performance sports like boxing. PE teacher and rugby player, Tom Cuff keeps one in his kit bag, a product that is a staple for those with active lifestyles, spending a lot of their time outside. 

Sports HAI’s recent launch of the Active Skinwear range includes a daily tinted SPF 50 and a conditioning lip complex that again, has been developed without a gender focus in mind. Designed for daily use and ideal for keeping hands, skin and lips hydrated and protected during outdoor runs and workouts, the Active Skinwear range helps fight the signs of ageing caused by exposure to the sun and the elements. After all, the weather never discriminates! 

Coined by Vogue as “the ultimate couples move”,  the cosmetics industry is also seeing more and more couples are jumping on the trend of sharing their favourite inclusive makeup products between them. Sports HAI celebrates the gender neutrality of its products, with many customers sharing the staple Go & Glow Bronzer and nourishing Hair Cleanser with their partners, friends and siblings. 



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