Treat your house (and your skin) to a beauty declutter

Treat your house (and your skin) to a beauty declutter
Sports HAI founder Grace De Alvaro shares why she is looking forward to a new year of consuming less and the importance of keeping her beauty brand minimalistic.

There I was thinking I was done after the first clear out, and then second. However, after completing my third tidying exercise recently using the KonMari method (look it up, thank me later) with the aim of finally getting my house in order, I am really looking forward to a new year with less. The multiple trips to the recycling depot have been a rude awakening in themselves and a harsh reminder that I am contributing to the problem when it comes to over consuming and wastage. In 2020, I want to consume less and become much more aware of the impact that my purchases have on our planet.

As a brand, Sports HAI is also about using less; less time spent doing your makeup, less effort to apply, less product to use. One of the best know names in luxury, Lucia van der Post summed this up perfectly in her recent Editor’s Letter for Great British Brands 2020 magazine, in which Sports HAI was featured. She said: “All the fabulous British brands we profile put quality and integrity at the heart of their businesses – a throwaway culture is just not part of their DNA”.

I believe in the beauty benefits of using fewer products on yourself. With an over-spilling beauty bag full of conflicting messages and ‘must haves’, your skin is simply unable to understand. Excessive layering of moisturisers, oils, serums and sprays cause your skin stress and an over complicated concoction of ingredients and potions can be really detrimental to your skin. Over-using skincare products creates imbalances, making your skin susceptible to irritation. With a new on-trend ingredient and a must have miracle cream coming out every week on social media, what do you really need, use, want?

I wash my own hair once a week with no masks or treatments and have used Sports HAI’s Hair Cleanser for 12 months. It’s so gentle and loving for hair – it’s a giver not a taker. I have horses and I know that washing their coats with shampoos and washing too often is a no no as it interferes and causes an imbalance to their skin and hair’s natural oils. Our hair is the same. It benefits from less interference and less product. Our skin has a natural ability to rejuvenate and replenish…to glow! And contrary to what the picture-perfect, heavily filtered Instagram influencers will tell you, layers of glow pigments and highlighter isn’t the only way to achieve it.

The Sports HAI lineup is designed to equip your skin with the products it needs and only that. The multi-tasking hero products perform every time and deliver on the job that they have been designed to do. As well as giving your skin and hair a break, the secondary benefit of stripping back on the amount of products you use is of course, that you significantly cut back on the amount that you buy. This time of year is a great for a pre-Christmas declutter. Go through your beauty buys from 2019 and see what you actually used. Discard the dated products, donate the unused and untouched products and start afresh. In 2020, start to give more thought into what you want to bring into your home and makeup bag.

For me it’s always about quality over quantity. A high quality, well-edited lineup of simple products is what Sports HAI is all about. Fewer items that deliver the results you want. Sports HAI’s A Team is an effective, efficient selection of the very best players.


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