Holistic. Active. Innovative. Sports Makeup

You’re tough, confident, at times fearless. When you set your sights high, you push harder and go higher. It’s the inner beast that propels you. You get in the zone, find your sports high, and go for it.Whether you’re power training for the NYC marathon or powering through that Wednesday night yoga class from hell, you’re unstoppable, unbounded, uncompromising.

While chasing greatness, you want to look great – every step of the way.You want the confidence that your makeup can hold up.You don’t make compromises, and neither should your makeup. It has to be as healthy to put on your face as what you put in your body.

Introducing SPORTS HAI sports makeup.

makeup smart enough to go the distance

Keeps up with you and keeps your skin healthy too


Our aim is to go beyond the limits of traditional cosmetics, working with professional athletes to understand your desires and needs. We are inspired by you to offer solutions for sports makeup. Manufactured in Italy, all our products are paraben free and not tested on animals. But what makes us different is that we further test the products with our professional athletes – for sports and performance feedback. Sports HAI follows the neurocosmetic era of sports and fitness – the science of aging based on your nervous, immune, cutaneous, and endocrine systems. We are challenging the status quo, to make our products performance-proof and easy to use. When you don’t want to sacrifice time or style. We aim to bring beauty that makes your life simpler, less frantic, less confusing – with our hero products. Athletes tell us “please make beauty simple for me” and we have listened.

Sport increases the blood flow, the intake of water and stimulation of cell activity – letting your skin bloom even in the harshest conditions. Sports HAI comes in sensorial textures with light silky touch, offering an amazing consumer experience and sensation. Sports HAI powered by neuroscience made with love